Renewed devices for your business.

We offer a wide range of refurbished and pre-owned technology devices at competitive prices, allowing you to maximize your profits while still providing your customers with the reliable equipment they need. 
Explore our selection of laptops, mobiles, and other used tech equipment.

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Equipment Valuation in 24 Hours
Find out what your equipment is worth in just 24 hours with our no-obligation valuation service. Compare us to your current supplier and be surprised.

Data Erasure
Protect sensitive data with our certified data erasure service, using Blanco® and PhoneCheck®.

Refurbishing and Repair
We specialize in refurbishing and repairing all types of equipment, even those over 5 years old.

Equipment Sales
Buy affordable equipment with up to a one-year warranty. Ask for our catalog.


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The Key to Our Business Success

We prioritize security and transparency, with our individual-item certifications and detailed photos, you can have complete traceability of your client's devices. We even offer complete item destruction certifications for the most delicate items, ensuring your data is fully protected.
What sets us apart is our advanced management system and proven work methodology. We go beyond the norm to maximize the value of your devices, offering competitive prices that exceed the normal market rates.

Our motto is simple: first secure, then profitable. We believe in providing a seamless and trustworthy experience for our clients.

If you're ready to sell your used electronics let's connect and explore the possibilities!